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The big 16!

Well here it is, September 23rd and my baby girls 16th Birthday!! Where has the time gone?? I just wanted to tel you how much I love you Felicia. I wish we could spend this day together, but I understand that is not possible right now. I love you sweetie! Hope you have the best Sweet 16 ever!

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Happy big 18 today Collin!!!

Happy Birthday Collin! Wow 18 already? that seems unreal to me. I hope you have a terrific day today. I Love you son more than you will ever know! Have an awesome Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Felicia!!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!  I miss you and your brother so much.  Please know that I am thinking of you and hope you have everything you need…..

Love you sweetheart!

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Collin Ricks Birthday is today

Can you believe it’s May 22nd already?  17 years after the birth of my son I still cannot beleve how much time has passed, how many memories I have missed out on, how many I love you dads I have lost.  Now my baby boy who I am sure is no longer a baby is turning 17 today.  I can’t beleive it.  I love you son more than words can express.  I think about you everyday, I think about what you look like now, what kind of young man you have become.  I hope you knwo how much I love you son!!  I wish I knew you and I hope you have not forgotten me after all of these years!

I love you so very much son….

Happy Birthday Collin! 

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Feeling sad today

As May rapidly approaches, I find myself going through the same process I gop through every May and September.  I start thinking about all of the boirthdays and holidays I have missed out on, the times I have missed being told I love you daddy from collin and felicia.  I don’t even know if they know I exist.  I think about htem all the time and when their Birthdays get closer it just affectes me alot.  I feel like such a faliure to them…all the time.  Perhaps they are better off without me in their lives.. I don’t know.  I just wish they knew how much I love them and miss them.  

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This is just plain awesome…..



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Looking ahead

Well as I sit here at my computer looking at the weeks and months ahead, I see alot of changes ahead of me.  My job is moving it’s offices closer to my house YES!!  No more 2 hour long bus rides to Salt Lake, now it’s about a 10 minute drive.  I also realized today taht my Borthday is coming up…..yep the big 38.  I can hardly beleive it, not to mention Collin’s birthday is coming up not long after mine.  He is going to be 17…yeah 17 can you believe it?  It’s insane, not only that I have a son that age but that I have not seen him since he was about 4.  It hurts me so much to not where he is, what he is doing, what he looks like or what a strong young man I am sure he is growing up to be.  I can only take comfort in knowing that I am sure he is being taken care wherever he is.  I miss you Collin, I miss you alot,  I just wish I knew where you were.

We re going this weekend to walk for MS, This will be the 3rd time that we have attended the MS walk, it is neat to see all thes children and adults walking for a good cause and to se those afflicted with MS fighting the diseas, to rise above it.  The best part is getting to dress up in star wars costumes at the walk, the kids and adults just eat it up.

Speaking of Star Wars, a young boy we did a party for last year passed away this week, it is weighing heavily on my mind and I hope that his parents are doing ok.  I cannot imagine the kind of feelings I would be going through if I had lost a child, they will be in our thoughts and prayers this weekend.

I guess that is all for now…….


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Dressing Boba

About mid last year Alex (aka SpideyFett on The Dented Helmet) had a great opportunity to meet and speak with Jeremy Bulloch one on one at a Sci Fi Expo in Dallas Texas. In the that, and many conversations with Jeremy throughout the day, he was thrilled to find out that Jeremy was amazed at the work that was done on the Fett suits that were displayed by TDH at the Expo…he said “it reminded him of the suit he wore during filming”…Alex figured at the time he said that kind of thing to everyone in a Fett suit so I humbly accepted his praise of the work.

then Alex was stunned to find out that Jeremy REALLY wanted a wearable Fett Costume of his own, and had been wanting one for sometime…..and Alex was even more stunned that he didn’t already own a Fett suit of some kind. (Light goes off in his head)

Hence the JB Project was born!!

This was a 6 month project that was worked on by members of The Dented Helmet and Rebelscum.com. This was something that was a labor of love for all involved. The costume was presented to Jeremy 4-5-2008 at the Dallas Comic Con in Richardson TX.
Here are some pics from the event.

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SNOW!!!! arghhhh….

So I woke up this morning looking forward to another lovely day at my job, remembering that it had snowed on Sunday morning, but most of it had melted off during the day.  I go through my morning routine, bathroom time, get dressed time, get the coat on and open the door to a freakin blizzard!  Ok maybe not a blizzard, but close enough.  all of the snow that didn’t melt the day before had frozen over and a nice fresh layer of snow had covered everything.  Now me nad ice do not get along too well, i’ve hit the ice more times than I would like to admit in the past winter season.  So I finally get to the bus stop, get on the bus and it is freezing on the bus.

Yes, it would seem the heater was broken on the bus and was just blowing all the cold air from outside into the bus, which made my neam hour drive all that more enjoyable!  Thanks UTA for keeping your busses in tip top shape as usuall.  Not ot mention the roads were packed with snow and cars.  Needless to say by the time I took my train and another bus to work I was almost 45 minutes late for work.  Why is it still snowing when it is almost April anyway?!?

When I did get to work we had so much to do, I am just running around like a head with it’s chicken cut off.

I just love mondays…….

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The Homeless, booze and a UTA bus

Ok so let me preface this my first saying I have no animosity towards the homeless in Utah, in fact I will be the first one to help someone that is down & out if I can. But this little adventure sure did test my patience.

Ok so as some of you know I commute from Orem to Murray everyday, in an effort to help reduce pollution and spend alot less on gas and car maintainance I use public transit to get to and from work. normally my commute is very uneventful and down right boring, well at least it was until last Thursday.

So I board the route 811 from Sandy Trax to Provo, just as the bus is about to leave an obviously intoxicated man boards the bus, after fiddling around looking for change the drivers tells him to take a seat and he will give him a ride. As he stumbles down the aisle looking for a seat it is apparent he is drunk, as he makes his way to his seat he makes it a point to let everyone know he was homeless and needed money.

After a few minutes he decides he needs to be social again & start asking for money again, (never asked me tho for some reason) then he takes a seat 2 seats ahead of me and started talking to this very young girl, couldn’t have been more than 19. He started putting the moves on her, after a good 15 minutes of making her feel very uncomfortable he turns his attention to a 40ish aged woman across the aisle.

This is where the fun begins…..

So he asks her for money again…. she tells him I’m sorry I have no change. Well at this point he looses it. He starts yelling and screaming at her calling all kinds of obscenities, alot of things I would never call my worst enemy, unfortunately the bus is on the freeway & cannot let him of until Orem. She was trying to ignore him but he kept on it.

Finally, I say to him…. HEY! leave her alone!

This is where it gets really fun……

Well he takes his attention off the woman and focuses all his drunken energy towards me, threating to kick my you know what, and mumbling all sorts of obscenities, I turn to him and say: Sorry buddy I can’t understand what your saying. I don’t speak drunk… (probably not the best thing to say at the time) Well then he decides to tell me he is going to drag me off the bus and stab me. Yep stab me. Yowzers!

So to make an already long story short, I called the police, they threw him in Jail and he got a warm bed to sleep in and a warm meal and hopefully sobered up a little.

And ya know it felt good standing up for someone, even though I could have gotten my self hurt, I would do it again.

Anyway, just wanted share……

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